Connie’s Advertising Tin Collection


Walkers & Campbells


      Campbells tins are at the end of the page. Didn’t have any of them until the kilt came out in 2011 and we found more, so I needed to acknowledge their existence!  However, in 2013 I noticed that sometimes their name has an apostrophe and sometimes not!

     View by pictures by scrolling.  Scrolling is faster than the slideshow. Double click  directly on a picture to read more details and to see an enlarged picture. I’ve begun Photojoining two different pictures of the same tin which makes a smaller picture to be seen here. So, double click on it to see an enlarged picture.  As of 1/23 there are 57 tins in this category. Enjoy!

    The tins on this page are not for sale.  Please click HERE to see tins for sale.

   Walkers come first because I collected them first and Campbells is an afterthought!

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